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I am excited to officially announce and introduce to you, New Hampshire Smile Co.!  Previously known as “Joseph A. Cardamone, DDS” or "Cardamone and Neveu Family Dental.".  I wanted the practice name to carry on a meaning that could stand the test of time and that suited the culture Dr. Cardamone started and I hope to continue.  

A beautiful smile goes beyond the teeth.  It comes from within.  It reflects happiness, radiates warmth and communicates feelings that words alone cannot convey.  In having an ‘attitude of gratitude’, I believe there’s always something to smile about and be thankful for.  I want you to feel that each and every time you visit us!  I want our office to be a place where smiles are contagious and there’s always something to smile about.  I hope to always give you something to smile about, from the relationships we build with each other to the excellent dental care we strive to provide.  

I look forward to seeing you smile!

Dr. Darcy Neveu, DMD

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